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Sat 18 Sept 4-6pm – Opening of ANNA PARKINA exhibition and book launch

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A new exhibition by Anna Parkina will open at Focal Point gallery this Saturday between 2-4pm, followed by an event at the Railway hotel between 4-6pm.

The Railway Hotel event is a book launch for Biryulevo, published by Onestar Press, and a performance by the artist at 5pm. After the book launch, music selected by the artist will be played in the main bar until 10.00pm. Admission free.

About the exhibition:

‘The ticket is for today’ consists of two parts: a display of book pages, and a newly commissioned film.

The first section of the exhibition shows a decomposed adaptation and archival rendering of Parkina’s new book Biryulevo. Taking its name from a suburb located south of Moscow, surrounded by rumours for its activities involving ‘criminal and socially undetermined interests’ and as a ‘pathogenic zone’ that contains infectious agents, the book attempts to portray life in a regional town or peripheral district that embodies political and cultural inscrutability and ambiguity.

The narrative that develops in the publication’s improvised pages, and subsequently in its torn and reformulated display within the gallery, is based on Parkina’s real experiences of this Russian neighbourhood. Shown within a series of tabletop vitrines, the artist’s semi-documentary narrative incorporates images that portray the interiors of trains and trolleybuses, parks and cafes, and which reveal characters and heroes going about daily tasks and strange rituals.

For her new video, instead of working with actors, the artist has chosen to present un-staged shots of people in real situations. By juxtaposing her footage with musical clips, Parkina references the language of advertising and attempts to ‘go beyond the understanding and decoding of common reality’ towards a revolution in the everyday, and the creation of a parallel peripheral world.