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"as the Crows fly" exhibition opened yesterday at TAP!

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See the video of the private view where Heidi Wigmore and Paul Manners introduce the show:

“as the Crows fly” exhibition opened yesterday at TAP. It celebrates 10 years of existence of Synchro Studios in Leigh on Sea.

The main room at TAP has been transformed to create an artist’ studio atmosphere with works by various artists covering the walls floor to ceiling. To enter the second room, the visitors walk through a passage made out of plain wooden shelves. Have you ever wondered what objects fill artists studios? Well, these shelves give out some of that secret: a wine bottle, animal skull, diary, paint, works in progress, photographs, painted pegs and other paraphenalia – anything that catches the artist’s mind and triggers an inspiration.

Synchro Studios is an independent and self-funded organisation. It has provided space for over 40 artists in the last decade including Bob and Roberta Smith, James Windsor, Alison Moyet, Germaine Greer and Anthony Gormley.

Open until 6 November, Thu-Fri 10-2, Sat-Sun 10-4
TAP, Old Water Works, North Road, Southend on Sea, SS0 7AB



  1. Heidi Wigmore says:

    oh my god. I look like princess Diana. On a (very) bad day. On crack. After they dug her up. Hideous.
    The show looks great tho!!
    ps that’s not Matthew speaking but Paul Manners..