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Wed 28 March – BOB'S COMEDY CLUB with Tom Wrigglesworth

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Bob’s Comedy Club is at the Sands Bistro tonight but if you miss it, the next is this Sunday!

Headline Act – Tom Wrigglesworth

“Destined for the dizzy heights” – NME
“The ultimate crowd pleaser” – The Guardian

Some things get to Tom Wrigglesworth. Some things get to him so much that he has to resort to that old fashioned form of release, writing a letter. And that’s where the fun starts. At his most experimental, Tom wrote a letter to Richard Branson to complain about a Virgin Trains manager who took his job far too seriously and ultimately got Tom arrested. The was a happy ending though as Tom was given a Good Samaritan award!

Tom Wrigglesworth is a battler who will campaign for what he believes in. He has launched a petition for Lena’s Law, another off shoot of his run in with Virgin Trains.

His hard work comes across in his comedy which throws in laughs all through a story, not just at the end. Like a moral Dave Gorman, Tom is bound to entertain us for many years.

MC – Bryan Lacey

“Bryans music and material charms the audience” – The Scotsman

With a relaxed, cheeky yet charming persona Bryan seems to have almost as much fun as the audience. His material guides you in to his somewhat strange existence and lets you see the world as he see’s it and as it see’s him!

Junior Simpson

With his infectious energy and huge stage presence it is easy to see why Junior Simpson is a circuit favorite. Simpson has a boundless joy and exuberance that has audiences hooked with hilarity.

A true observational comic Simpson finds his humor in the everyday and humdrum with anecdotes of his world travels as a comedian adding a personal originality to his set. Although mischievous and daring, Simpson can tailor his set to suit any audience.

Tom Toal

“Toal’s ease of interacting with the audience is a true talent” – Hairline

Tom performs heartbreaking but ultimately heart-warming material about life, love and what it is truly like to be Tom Toal in this crazy world.

He performed his debut show On The Scrapheap about the break-up of his 6 year relationship at the Edinburgh and Leicester Festivals in 2010 and his follow up Rom-Coms and Revolutions went to Edinburgh last year.

Tickets are £15 (£13 groups) Book tickets here.