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Call for participation – musicians or creative practitioners

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A call for participation from Sophie Bird, an art student:

“I am currently studying a BA (hons) Fine Art degree at SEC in Southend-on-Sea. My work typically focuses on chance, the everyday and rhythm. While simultaneously using the interpretation of others. I start off using the subject matter of an everyday day object, for example. My last semester’s work originated from a sequential collage of black card cut-outs. The shapes of the cut-outs were derived from a piece of blu-tack that I manipulated by hand to form various shapes. These diverse forms were then placed on to a stave, essentially forming a musical score. I then searched for a band who interpreted/played the score that they could read from the music sheet. It is a continuous and working process. For more information I shall link my current student blog: www.50123191.weebly.com

I am now looking for more musicians or creative practitioners who wish to participate in my recent works.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me further on [email protected]