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A series of screenings curated by locally based artist Mat Do.

Venue: the Appliance Hall, Hadleigh Old Fire Station.

The Screenings are FREE but booking is essential: Ben Eastop, Estates & Regeneration Manager, ACAVA M: 07811 824 165 T: 020 8960 5015, [email protected]

Thursday 9 May 20137.30 pm

Home on the Range
ITV documentary about Foulness.
1982. 26 mins

352 Birds
a film by Ross Jardine

2013. Digital slide show. 6 mins.12 secs
Part of an ongoing series of works that are located on the beach. The slideshow considers the relationship between varying factors of the landscape (geological, tidal, diurnal, ornithological). It is a progression of 352 photos taken during the transition from early afternoon to evening as the tide is withdrawing. The action of taking a photo was triggered by a bird flying into view.

Suspicions of a Peninsular Town
a film by Glen Jamieson.

colour slideshow. 15 mins
This Norfolk born artist Glen Jamieson’s account of returning to his hometown is built around topographical photographs of the town of Great Yarmouth, paired with prose that reflects on the town’s condition both past and present. What is created is an arresting synergy between ethereal images and an increasingly surreal narration

Untitled – 2011
a film by Ross Jardine

2011. Digital video. 2 mins 49 secs
A stop-animation film using imagery of work and repetition to narrate the frustration of occupying a system with limited possibilities. A sequence of photographs of a performance at the site where King Cnut notoriously attempted to stop the tide is photocopied again and again to the point where the wash of the sea erases the protagonist.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&Answer session with Mat Do.

Friday 24 May 20137.30 pm

Last chance to see…
a film by Mat Do

2013. HD video. 19 mins
Specially commissioned for the Hadleigh in Place programme, Mat Do’s film explores the symbolism of the Thames Estuary and South Essex landscape, and the major influence that aspirational migration has had and continues to have within sculpting the region’s collective consciousness.

Cold Season
music video for LEAD/LIGHT score

2013. HD video. 3 mins 7 secs
Director – Chris Belcher. DOP – Paul Bates. Lighting – Ryan Monteith
Production – Chris Belcher / Ryan Monteith
The Band – Ryan Monteith / Michael Kirkby / Jake Willis / Joey Drake
Developed through the Hadleigh in Place artist’s residency associate workshop programme. The band CB6 features Ryan Monteith and Mike Kirkby as members, both of whom contributed towards Mat Do’s LEAD/LIGHT film production and produced this short film piece of their own.

Oil City Confidential
Julien Temple’s ‘punk noir’ documentary following Doctor Feelgood’s rise from Canvey Island
2010. Video. 60 mins. Cadiz Music.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&Answer session with Mat Do.

Citadel Screenings is part of the Hadleigh in Place programme of artists’ residencies and commissions.
Artist presentations and activities continue over weekend 25 & 26 May 2013:

Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2013
Opening times to be confirmed.

A weekend of artist presentations and planned activities.
Hadleigh in Place is the culmination of a year-long, multi-disciplinary arts programme which aims to reveal and re-imagine the unusual, personal and special characteristics of Hadleigh and its environs. The project seeks to capture and express the unique nature of place through a programme of artists’ residencies and commissions.
The programme is supported by Arts Council England and Essex County Council.

Events & activities:
Saturday 25th – timings to be confirmed:
Soft Geology – Geologists from the Essex Rock & Mineral Society will lead two walks with artist Simon Callery.
Estuary: working lives – a voice and image performance by writer Rachel Lichtenstein.

See HOFS website for more information.