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IDEA13 TV: Interview with DAVID MABB @ Focal Point Gallery

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David Mabb‘s three installations at Focal Point Gallery are all inspired by William Morris, mashing up the old with the new.

First one, called Announcer, consists of 30 paintings with pages from the Kelmscott Chaucer, a collection of works by Geoffrey Chaucer, which was designed by William Morris. Over these, Mabb painted images of El Lissitzky‚Äôs illustrations to Vladimir Mayakovsky. Mabb says it’s all about the contrast of different visions, one looking backwards (Middle Ages inspired Morris) and one looking forward (Russian Constructivism).

In the second work, Rhythms 69, Mabb used 69 pages from Morris’ book of wallpapers. He paints over them, with elements from a modernist film by Hans Richter, picking out or leaving parts of the designs.

Finally, in the Window Gallery, three simple modernist shapes have been constructed from Morris’ honeysuckle design – a square, a circle and a cross.

Mabb says one the reasons he’s interested in William Morris’s visionary wallpaper design is because of his political engagement – he was a strong revolutionary socialist who was looking into the past for inspiration.

Watch our video interview with David Mabb to find out more:

The exhibition is open until 12 July at Focal Point, The Forum, Elmer Square, Southend on Sea