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1-3 Nov – REVOLUTION @ Clifftown Theatre

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This week’s play at Clifftown Theatre is focusses on the political issue of today’s society.

Thurs 1 November – Sat 3 November

7.30pm, with 2.30pm Saturday Matinee

REVOLUTION: Two unique one-act pieces of political theatre, performed as a double-bill.

THE LAST RESORT – Directed by Jules Tipton

This show explores the lives of migrant workers whose faces remain unseen, and whose stories are often untold. Set against the backdrop of the hospitality industry you will be taken into the highly polished world inhabited by business people, tourists and gap year hedonists a-plenty! But what does it take to create that world? Scratch the surface and does the gilt begin the wear thin…?

Using different story-telling techniques, under-pinned by a combination of World Performance skills, including original music & song, this journey will certainly make an impact.

CRUDE – Directed by Oliver Jones

A town. A very small town. Untouched, innocent and inconsequential. A town basking in the ordinary and humdrum lives of its citizens…until, that is, the oil turns up. Mesmerized by a travelling band of sleazy salesmen straight from the gold rush era peddling the black stuff off the back of their cart, witness our community being torn apart, its morals contaminated, and its reliance on Black Gold leading it deeper into the mire of greed, debauchery and immorality.

CRUDE is an acute, profound and often hilarious look at the effect oil has had on our past, our present and our future, and asks vital questions about global power, declining resources and what happens when the oil runs out. Incorporating music, song, and dance, this is a shocking insight into the domination of the oil industry, and a production that is both highly relevant and entertaining.

Presented by East 15’s World Performance company.

Tickets £8 / £5 Concession – BOOK HERE.

NB: Mature content