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SHOWFLAT – update + photos and video from HEIDI WIGMORE Showflat

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For her Showflat project, Heidi Wigmore, turned her flat into a museum – The von Heil House, removing all of her personal items or turning them into part of her installation.

The von Heil House celebrates and documents the life of Adelheid von Heil, a mysterious character partly fictitious and partly based on Heidi’s German-born mother. Individual objects installed here – obscure, surreal and dream-like- suggest haunted and complicated history of Adelheid.

‘There has been some disturbance last night,’ says Heidi, pointing to a pile of broken ceramics, referring probably to a possible Adelheid’s ghost..  But there certainly was a disturbance – over 70 people came to the opening of this second Southend Showflat!

See the video where HEIDI WIGMORE gives Idea13 a  guided tour of The von Heil House:


From Concrete Island to Suburbia
Preview: Friday 12th November, 7pm
Opening Hours: 13th-14th November, 11am-4pm, by appointment
Venue: visit www.showflat.org or text SHOWFLAT to 07530649654


My work takes an exploratory approach to architectural spaces. Working in a range of mediums and methods, I investigate philosophical theories, of how we experience our spatial environment. My works on paper consist of experimental photographic processes. In a recent series titled Architectural X-rays, I capture the skeletal structure and the internal workings of a building.

These initial photographic investigations inform and initiate first contact with a particular site of interest. I am particularly interested domestic architecture and social housing complexes this is rooted from am alto-biographical origin. Using the method of performance intervention, I have made physical observations of residential housing estates. These observational studies are carried out over a 24-hour time period. Within this time, I put myself in complete isolation, in an attempt to fully engage with the space. I hope for this method to gain insight into the psychological resonance of the space.

These experiences are reformed into installed psycho structures containing visual and audio documentation of initial observation.  My primary and running influences are two novels written by J.G. Ballard titled ‘High-rise’ and ‘concrete island’.
MORE ABOUT SHOWFLAT – see www.showflat.org/