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TAP LAUNCH PARTY – 10 September 6-9pm

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Coexist Arts and Metal are working in partnership with Essex and Suffolk Water to transform an old water works building into a Temporary Arts Project Space (TAP).

TAP LAUNCH PARTY – 10 September 6-9pm

- Coexist Gallery present COME TOGETHER - a group exhibition of works by:

Sally Chinea, Anna Lukala, Mark Evans, Rob Crosse, Lydia Hardwick Phillingworth, Laura Keeble, Chris Lang, Emma Emmerton, Amy McKenny, Clare Lynn, Madelaine Murphy, Sam Zealey, Jon Kipps, David Watkins and Andrew Brookfield

- The White Bus present THE WHITE BUS a rare screening of LINDSAY ANDERSON’S 1967 film 

(46min, starring Anthony Hopkins, Arthur Lowe)

The White Bus have a strong connection with the Lindsay Anderson Memorial Foundation and it seemed entirely appropriate to ‘adopt’ one of the legendary director’s films. 
This is Lindsay Anderson at his most irascible and idiosyncratic. Years earlier, he had written that the overall realism of Hitchcock’s films made it all the more thrilling when the unexpected occurred; this short story, by Shelagh (
A Taste of Honey) Delaney, provided him with the opportunity to take this concept a stage further, and move freely between the real and the surreal worlds.
London: An unnamed girl is working late in a deserted typing pool. She abruptly leaves and takes a train north, to Salford. She boards a white “See Your City” tour bus, presided over by the Lord Mayor, which visits a foundry and a natural history museum. She witnesses a civil defence demonstration then decides to have fish and chips… If this sounds strange, well, no synopsis can do justice to this wholly original film. The director takes the opportunity to strike out at many of his favourite targets – including self-important bureaucrats, town planning and the state of the nation – each time hitting home with unerring accuracy. This is truly exceptional filmmaking, well ahead of its time.

The White Bus is also screened on Saturday 12 September, 11-4pm together with
60mins, 1968

John Fletcher, sound editor on The White Bus, captures the anarchic spirit surrounding the shooting of the film. As much a profile of its uncompromising director as the story of this individual film, this is a remarkable document.

- LEVEL 4 MAGAZINE present Live Music from IS THAT THEM plus support

Hand-painted eco bags

TAP / Old Water Works, North Road, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS0 7AB 

Open Thu-Fri 10-2pm & Sat-Sun 10-4pm

[email protected]