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THE LONGPIER have come up with an idea for a series of Q&A events with fantastic people, all of whom, live and work – or have a connection – in our borough.

How would you like the chance to quiz your favourite local celebrity? If you could ask a question of the leader of Southend Council, what would it be? Would you like to hear from the unsung people of the borough, who work tirelessly to improve the life of others? What would you say to influential local businessmen or leading academics? What drives our talented artists and what inspires our brilliant comedians?

The idea is in its embroynic stage and we’re looking for everyone to have their say on who they’d like to see and talk to, and where the lectures should be held. Should the events be free – or would you pay to see someone in a great venue? Should they be in the evening or at the weekend?

For more info go to to LONGPIER WEBSITE.