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Update ESSEXTRONICA gig tonight @ Chinnerys

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Unfortunately, WeirdGear will not play tonight at the Essextronica.

You can still come to Chinnerys to see The Vanity Clause, Relation and Basic!
Starts at 8pm. See below for more info…


  1. AndiF says:

    Got in a bit late so only really got to see the Vanity Clause. To be honest I went along on the strength of their excellent Fad Gadget cover of Back to Nature available on their MySpace page. They didn’t play it but still came through with an enthusiastic performance of their orginal songs. I enjoyed ‘No’ but did find the vocals a bit overpowering later in the set (despite the inclusion on an instrumental). Both singers have strong voices and this is an important component of their style but they tended to stay within their ranges and used similar effects all the way through making some of the tunes sound too similar, although this may be partly a side effect of trying to mix down four or five analog keyboards from a foldback mixer which left the accompaniment sounding a foggy in comparison to the vocals.

    The front of house DJ must have watched ‘Synth Britania’ last week and it was great to hear Essex synth classics like ‘Master and Servant’ through the big rig!

    [Love to any other Clan Analogue out there. Severed Heads rule!!!!]