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A former editor of SOL magazine and reviews editor of Littoral, I have published 2 pamphlet collections – Beachgame (1977) and The Watchers (1987) – as well as poems and reviews in a number of magazines and anthologies. My collection, Chorus and Coda (ISBN 978-0955092671), is now available from the Littoral Press. I have been chairman of Open University Poets (1995-97) and am associated with the Southend Poetry Group and the Essex Poetry Festival.

My poems have been published in Acumen, Chimera, Envoi, Essex Countryside, Global Tapestry, In Praise of Essex, Iron, New Essex Writing, Openings, Poet’s England – Essex, Poetry in Practice, Provincia Corvina (Romania), Pro Saeculum (Romania), Psychopoetica, Selected Poems of the UK (Spiny Babbler, Nepal), Sol, every edition of Southend Poetry since 1985, The Interpreter’s House, The Morning Star, The Unsaid Goodnight (Stride), Waves and several other magazines and collections.

Website: http://www.greenad.co.uk Listed under: Literature