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About HADLEIGH ART TRAIL Last Activity: 6 years, 4 months, 20 days ago

Hadleigh Art Trail 2013 is artist-led and community focussed and aims to promote community engagement with the arts at all levels and across all disciplines. 4 -13 October 2013

Started in 2011, now in our third year, the Hadleigh Art Trail was established as a cultural legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games. Initially set up and facilitated by Rochford District Council on behalf of Essex Legacy, Hadleigh Art Trail is now independently coordinated. Building on the success of the past two Trails, Hadleigh Art Trail 2013 aims to engage a wide proportion of the community, showcase a diverse range of artists work and introduce new and unique venues.

Website: http://www.hadleigharttrail.org.uk Listed under: Film