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Lucy Blazheva

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About Lucy Blazheva Last Activity: 6 years, 3 months, 13 days ago

I am an independent dance artist, living and working in Essex. My passions in dance teaching rest in choreography, creative dance, dance in education, health and well being. I work independently, collaboratively as well as mentoring groups and individuals.

I take dance into educational and community settings, such as residential care homes, libraries, hospitals and hospices. All of which have potential to incorporate performance in a theatre setting or site specific.
For me, dance is a form of expression and communication. It is a powerful and liberating tool which can bring people and communities together. With this belief, dance is used to enrich artistic engagement with all people, from all community groups, abilities and health care needs. Everybody is able to express and feel, and my enjoyment is to facilitate this movement journey; be it as choreographer, director, mentor, tutor and dancer.

Website: http://lucyblazhevadance.com/ Listed under: Dance