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Ölmo Lazarus is the stage name of Jacques Bottjer, an Essex based poet, writer, educator and qualified primary school teacher. He has taught in his home town of Basildon for a number of years and has been a poet and a writer throughout all of his adult life.

As a class based teacher he has consistently used his talents as a spoken word artist and passion for poetry to enrich the curriculum and give dissafected students a voice. He has weaved his passion for language into his classrooms and inspired children to make fantastic progress in both their attitude towards, and their ability in literacy.

As a spoken word artist Jacques has performed feature slots at some of London’s most highly regarded poetry nights. He has appeared on stage as far afield as New York City and has wowed audiences at various music festivals across England with organisations such as Apples & Snakes and Sundown Arts. Recently his poetry collective released a spoken word EP with the indie label “Mothhouse Recordings”. This CD is avalaible through the Mothhouse website.