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Cosmic Puffin Warm Up Extravaganza!! @ Peggy Sue’s

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A special Friday night Siren’s Spectacular! Let’s make some noise!!!!

Cosmic Puffin Festival warm up featuring Dr Zod, The Dirty Fairies, Angel and the Melodyhorns, Mexipixie, Sophie Burrows and Julie Sales.

Dr Zod – Dr Zod are a relatively new outfit, originating last year as an instrumental three piece but ever expanding and evolving with a bank of guest vocalists – incorporating song and spoken word – all weaving together with enigmatic violin, hypnotic rhythms and morphing into textured soundscapes. From their first gig it was evident this band is something really special and they never disappoint.

Dirty Fairies
An absolute privilege to have this all girl rock/funk band at our humble night. The Dirty Fairies started out as a 3 piece playing gritty funk rock with an original sprinkling of blues, reggae and dirty fairy dust. More recently they have added extra sparkle in the form of harmonic flute and rhythmic persussion.

Mexipixie – usually to be found fronting Essex based freakbeat/garage guitar psyche outfit Muertos, riot grrrrrl Deanna Avis flies solo as her alter ego Mexipixie – sweet Mexican Kitsch with dreamy vocals.

Sophie Burrows – a unique and captivating singer/songwriter from the South East. Her songs are a rare concoction of dark observation, literate lyrics and effortlessly catchy melodies with a caustic edge. Last time she played in Southend a friend turned to me during her set and said ‘She has the richest voice I have ever heard’ – and he was right.

Angel and the Melodyhorns – folking it up in preparation for the Folk and Ale Festival the following day, AATM won’t quite be doing sea shanties but in true folk traditional, they will be telling stories of life, love and dog botherers.

Julie Sales – Julie has played our night before and we want her back for more!



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Cosmic Puffin Warm Up Extravaganza!! @ Peggy Sue’s

Fri 21 April 2017


Ends: Fri 21 April 11:00PM

PEGGY SUE'S Music Bar, Leigh

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