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Jane Woollatt: Wanted Unwanted Keys @ Beecroft

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Artist Jane Woollatt wants your unwanted keys; for this event she invited a local Charity, Alzheimer’s Society, to join her.  

 She invites you to hand over your unwanted keys and in so doing reflect for a moment on the possibility of losing the power of memory. When you participate in this event you are helping create a unique art piece andraise awareness of dementia.

 Jane has assembled some of her art pieces, creating a place for people to position and leave their unwanted keys. As more and more people leave their keys the installation will evolve. 

 The progress of the Key Collecting Campaign can be followed on: wantedunwantedkeys.tumblr.com the blog will be updated throughout the life time of the project with photos and thoughts about what is happening.

 For information about dementia go to alzheimers.org.uk 

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Jane Woollatt: Wanted Unwanted Keys @ Beecroft

Sat 24 January 2015


Ends: Sat 14 March 5:00PM

Beecroft Art Gallery

Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea


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