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John Otway @ Chinnerys

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John Otway At Chinnerys

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Otway Convention in Southend, we are looking at running the event again this year. The event will follow a similar format to previous trips to Dunkerque. The main difference is that we will not have to travel over the channel to get to our destination. We have secured a lovely hotel overlooking the pier in Southend. As with the last French trip, we also plan to hold an additional special event on the Friday evening. The event will include a meal followed by an evening’s entertainment. Saturday afternoon we have booked the Pavillion on the end of Southend Pier to shoot the Otway Christmas advert. The Saturday night big band show will feature very special guests at a great rock venue (twice the size of last years – necessary as last years was a bit too popular for the size of the club) with all the usual fun. Finally, on Sunday, we shall have our traditional Sunday brunch session – which has always been the highlight of the French trip for many. If you fancy joining us, please fill out the form opposite.

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John Otway @ Chinnerys

Sat 14 November 2015


Ends: Wed 14 October 10:00PM

chinnerys, Southend-on-sea


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