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Born in Canning Town, London, Dennis Stratton early in life was a promising schoolboy footballer, who was briefly on the books at West Ham United until at the age of 16 he took up playing guitar. A keen fan of the East End music scene, his first serious band was performing with Harvest, who later became Wedgewood in 1973, and included his friend Dave Edwards. After two years he and Edwards, then formed the locally popular Remus Down Boulevard in 1975. “R.D.B.” played to large crowds, toured in support with Rory Gallagher and Status Quo and recorded a “live at the Marquee” album with music producer Jonathan King.

Dennis Stratton was invited to join Iron Maiden as a second lead guitarist and backing vocalist by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden’s founder and bassist) after Harris had seen him in local gigs with Remus Down Boulevard. One of Stratton’s earliest filmed appearances with Iron Maiden was in a concert at London’s Marquee Club in October 1979. Dennis Stratton participated in the recording and production of the group’s first album, Iron Maiden in December 1979. He has also appeared in the home video recording Live At The Ruskin in early 1980 (released in 2004 as part of an Iron Maiden DVD set), Iron Maiden’s first video “Women in uniform,” the Women in Uniform EP, some subsequent singles, as well as in the band’s first appearance on British TV (“Running Free” performed live on Top of the Pops) and the Live!! +one live album. Stratton was also a member of Iron Maiden during their very successful European Kiss tour. Dennis Stratton left Iron Maiden in October 1980. Though there are different reasons for his departure flying around, Dennis has mentioned that he left due to conflicts with the manager. It is also known that musical differences contributed towards his departure.

After his departure from Iron Maiden, Stratton played with bands such as Lionheart and, after a NWOBHM tour with them in 1990 joined Praying Mantis, staying to record nine studio albums and two live ones. Stratton officially left Praying Mantis in 2006.

Dennis Stratton and Dave Edwards then put RDB back together. RDB are now -

Dennis Stratton – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Edwards – Guitar Vocals
Laurie Dalziel – Bass
Martin “Magic” Johnson – Drums

Tickets £10

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Remus Down Boulevard @ Touchline

Fri 24 March 2017


Ends: Fri 24 March 11:30PM

Touchline Live Music at Hockley Community Centre,

Westminster Drive, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4XD



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