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Roll of Honour Centenary

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Our Museums Education Lecturer will study the Roll of Honour within the wider context of the Great War. Looking at how we can interpret the chronology, events and circumstances throughout Europe and the wider world by studying the fallen, the lecture will analyse several key themes. Firstly, the nature of the war on the western front, including the first – professional – casualties, through to the great offensives of 1916-1918 (with volunteer and conscript troops). There will be a focus on colonial campaigns in Cameroon and East Africa, and the backdrop of Britain and Germany’s colonial ambitions. Additionally there will analysis of the Mesopotamian campaign, as well as the Sinai & Palestine Campaign (the latter in relation to the Sykes-Picot Agreement). There will also be tips and hints for people wishing to conduct their own research on casualties.

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Roll of Honour Centenary

Sat 24 March 2018


Ends: Sat 24 March 12:30PM

Beecroft Art Gallery

Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6EX


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