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Open Auditions to be held at Clarence Road Baptist Church Hall, (Opposite Hush Bar) on Wednesday 17th May 2017.

Casting Requirements
Looking predominantly for actors aged 16 – 30 years male and female. (Playing ages 20-30)

a chilling psychological thriller by Patrick Hamilton made into a film in 1948 directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Setting: Contemporary
Rehearsals to start in September
preceding by two free acting workshops in the summer

Performance Dates: 21st – 25th November at Dixon Studio, Palace Theatre, Westcliff.


Wyndham Brandon – 20-25 (male or female)
Arrogant and foolhardy. Orchestrates the murder and parades his achievement subtly under the noses of his guests.

Charles Granillo – 20-25
Weak minded and cowardly. A small man who cannot help but obey Brandon and go along with his doomed plan.

Sabot – 20-40
Dry humoured and obedient. A French household butler who prepares for the evening.

Kenneth Raglan – 20-25
Fun loving and naïve. A young man who looks for the best in everything and everyone, especially Leila.

Leila Arden – 20-25
Flirtatious and innocent. A young woman who probes Brandon for the contents of the chest, unknowing of its real secret.

Sir Johnstone Kentley – 50+
Kind and gentle. Father of the deceased, he is invited to obtain Brandon\’s library once he leaves for Oxford.

Mrs Debenham – 50+
Old and confused. Sister of Sir Johnston. Rarely involves herself in the conversation but brings sniggers to the evening with her incoherent rambling.

Rupert Cadell – 25-30
Astute and suspicious. A poet who discovers the truth and plays with Brandon and Granillo\’s guilt until he is ready to reveal.

If interested email the director Benjamin Smerdon [email protected] for an audition pack.

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Rope – Open Auditions

Wed 17 May 2017


Ends: Mon 17 April 10:15PM

Clarence Road Baptist Church Hall




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