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The White Bus: Horror on Sea 2016 Film Festival Southend on Sea

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Horror on Sea Film festival Southend on Sea 2016

Horror on Sea Film festival returns to Southend on Sea. Organised by the White Bus film company, Horror on Sea 2016 brings the latest of international film offerings, both full length and short films, shown over two weekends in January.

See Horror on Sea Film festival website for more details about films, venues and tickets.
Friday 22nd January – at Park Inn Palace Hotel

10am A Plague so Pleasant (Benjamin Roberds / 2013 / USA / 1h 18m)
In the near future, zombies have become a protected species. But some disagree with this policy…
+ A Gringo Honeymoon (Alexandra Debricon / 2015 / Spain / 19m)

12.30pm Anger of the Dead (Francesco Picone / 2015 / Italy / 1h 25m)
In a world ravaged by a cannibalistic virus, this is not be the only threat that pregnant Alice faces
+ Do Not Disturb (Jon James Smith / 2015 / USA / 13m)

3pm The Dooms Chapel Horror (John Holt / 2015 / USA / 1h 35m)
Accused of his brother’s death years before, Kyle returns to face his demons – and a big surprise
+ 1.58 (Rodrigo Cortes / 2015 / Spain / 10m)

5.30pm Dead Heart (Mariano Cattaneo / 2015 / Argentina / 1h 15m)
A girl is kidnapped – or is she? Her ‘rescuers’ don’t have it all their own way
+ Iris (Richard Karpala / 2015 / USA / 12m)

8pm Definition of Fear (James Simpson / 2015 / UK / 1h 35m)
Four beautiful girls at a charming holiday cabin. But all is not what it seems…they are not alone
+ FestEvil (Paul Taylor / 2014 / UK / 16m)

10.30pm Banjo (Liam Regan / 2015 / UK / 1h 23m)
A young man is manipulated by his imaginary friend to take revenge on his tormenting co-workers
+ Lab Rats (David ‘dwyz’ Wayman / 2015 / UK / 15m)

Saturday 23rd January – at Park Inn Palace Hotel

10am Valley of the Sasquatch (John Portanova / 2015 / USA / 1h 32m)
A fractured family battles against a tribe of angry Sasquatch
+ Terry and Brenda (Jamie Hooper / 2014 / UK / 15m)

12.30pm Survivors (Adam Spinks / 2015 / UK / 1h 30m)
A virus sends the UK into a state of emergency. Without laws, how far would you go to survive?
+ The Wager (Joss Maines / 2015 / UK / 14m)

3pm House of VHS (Gautier Cazenave / 2015 / France / 1h 23m)
Six youngsters find an old VCR in an abandoned house. Is the machine magical… or is it cursed?
+ Straight to Video: The B-Movie Odyssey (Cody Kennedy and Tim Rutherford / 2015 / Canada / 38m)

3pm Pat Higgins Masterclass: Watch Horror. Write Horror. Make Horror!
After writing and directing three internationally distributed micro-budget horrors (TrashHouse, Hellbride and KillerKiller) Pat branched out with award-winning mockumentary The Devil’s Music. He’s been called the ‘Essex Auteur’ in ‘Empire’ and “the Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue” in ‘SFX’. He is the co-creator of the ‘Death Tales’ series and was the original writer and creator of international cinema release Strippers vs. Werewolves. His latest feature, The House on the Witchpit, has its World Premiere this evening. So join Pat for his latest fast-paced romp through the world of horror; whether you’re looking for advice on writing your first masterpiece, anecdotes from the front-lines of filmmaking or simply the chance to see some cool clips that nobody’s ever seen before, you’ll find it all right here!
(Laurel & Hardy Suite, Park Inn Palace Hotel / 2h)

5.30pm – The House on the Witchpit (Pat Higgins / 2016 / UK / 1h 20m)
World Premiere! No advance details: This is ‘Secret Cinema’, Pat Higgins-style! Just be amazed!
+ Blanche Dumas from B to Z (Walter Martyn Cabell / 2014 / UK / 22min)

8pm – The Snarling (Pablo Raybould / 2016 / UK / 1h 23m)
World Premiere! A village hosts the cast and crew of a zombie film. But the horror turns real…
+ Red Wolf Pines (Mike Tack / 2015 / UK / 13m)

10.30pm Nina Forever (Ben Blaine and Chris Blaine / 2015 / UK / 1h 39m)
Nina, Rob’s deceased girlfriend, returns to torment him whenever he has sex with his new girlfriend
+ Cephalopod (Lewis Peake / 2014 / UK / 7m)

Sunday 24th January – at Park Inn Palace Hotel

10am Bacchanalia (Gary Meyer / 2015 / UK-France / 1h 24m)
A wine tasting turns into wicked, murderous debauchery, with the morning after still to be faced
+ Beyond Redemption (Andrew Gilbert / 2015 / UK / 30m)

12.30pm Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown (Mj Dixon / 2015 / UK / 1h 12m)
In 1990, Carlton the Clown slaughtered his unfaithful wife and her lover. Now ‘Cleaver’ is back…
+ The Weird World of Molly Brown (Molly Brown / 2015 / UK / 30m)

3pm The Man Who Walked Too Far (Peter Bluck / 2015 / UK / 49m)
A walking stick, bought for a relaxing holiday, initiates a chain of strange, unexplained occurrences
+ Blue Moon (Martyn Pick / 2016 / UK / 12m)
+ The Outer Darkness (Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton / 2015 / UK / 25m)
+ Cyme Styrung (Alex Wylie / 2015 / UK / 2m)

5.30pm Art of Darkness (Steve Laurence / 2012 / UK / 1h 28m)
A lunatic is hell-bent on transforming a captive woman into his latest blood-splattered masterpiece
+ Stained (Phil Haine / 2015 / UK / 10m)
+ Beachcomber (Richard Elson / 2015 / UK / 5m)

8pm Model Hunger (Debbie Rochon / 2016 / USA / 1h 25m)
There are strange goings-on at the home of embittered, revenge-seeking former pin-up/actress Ginny
+ Slaypril Fools Day Part V: The Last Laugh (Mj Dixon / 2015 / UK / 6m)

10.30pm Killer Rack (Greg Lamberson / 2015 / USA / 1h 38m)
A woman having breast enhancements is unaware that her surgeon worships H.P. Lovecraft…
+ Zepo (Cesar Diaz Melendez / 2014 / Spain / 3m)

Friday 29th January: Double Bill: Highlights from 2015! – at TAP

7pm Kill, Granny, Kill! (Jacob Ennis / 2014 / USA /1h 21m)
At a remote farmhouse, a new ‘in-home’ help finds all is not as it seems with her elderly employer
+ I am Monster (Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark / 2013 / USA /18m)

+ 9pm President Wolfman (Mike Davis / 2012 / USA / 1h 20m)
The US President has been bitten by a werewolf – and is loose on the streets of Washington!
+ Waterborne (Ryan Coonan / 2014 / Australia / 10m)

Saturday 30th January – at TAP

2pm Dark Awakening (Dean C. Jones / 2014 / USA / 1h 35m)
A couple making an old estate their new home begin to see the spirits of dead children
+ Inquilinos (Jaume Balaguero / 2014 / Spain / 9m)

4pm Beyond the Grave (Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro / 2011 / Brazil / 1h 29m)
In a post-apocalyptic world a vengeful police officer searches for a possessed serial killer
+ The Broken (John William Holt / 2015 / USA / 13m)

6.30pm The Apostate: Call of the Revenant (Andy Dodd / 2015 / UK / 1h 23m)
A man is found with four bodies. Flashbacks and interviews slowly piece the story together
+ The Old Man and the Dust (Khris Cembe / 2015 / Spain / 16m)

8.30pm My Horrible Love (Charles Edmond / 2014 / UK / 1h 16m)
Four foul mouthed family members attempt to settle their differences at a caravan park in Essex
+ Harvest (Martin Sonntag and Kim Sonderholm / 2015 / Denmark / 19m)

Sunday 31st January

2pm The Horror Network Vol. 1 (Brian Dorton, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marin and Lee Matthews /
2013 / USA / 1h 37m)
Five horrific stories, in the tradition of Creepshow, Tales From the Crypt and Trilogy of Terror
+ Horseface (Marc Martinez Jordan / 2015 / Spain / 8m)

4pm Clinger (Michael Steves / 2015 / USA / 1h 21m)
Fern is pursued by her love-sick boyfriend. That’s bad enough, but there’s a complication: he’s dead
+ Viaje a Pies (Khris Cembe / 2015 / Spain / 14m)

6.30pm Hollower (Mj Dixon / 2015 / UK / 1h 33m)
Agoraphobic Nathan keeps to himself. When he meets Izzy something awakens…something evil
+ Juliet (Marc-Henri Boulier / 2015 / France / 8m)

8.30pm Caesar and Otto‘s Paranormal Halloween (Dave Campfield / 2015 / USA / 1h 29m)
Nothing is sacred in this hilarious lampoon of everything from The Conjuring to The Shining
+ Ultraviolet (Paco Plaza / 2014 / Spain / 10m)


Park Inn Palace Hotel
Individual films £5.00
Day Passes £20 You save £10
Weekend Passes (limited to 100) £50 You save £40
Pat Higgins’ Masterclass (not included in Day or Weekend Passes) £5.00

The White Bus Cinema
Individual films £5.00
Friday Double Bill: Highlights from 2015 £5.00
Saturday and Sunday Day Passes £10 You save £10
TAP Passes for all three days £20 You save £5

We regret there is no on-line ticket facility this year.

Tickets and passes for both venues can be purchased up to Thursday 21st January from the Visitor Information Centre, at the entrance to Southend Pier, either in person (open Wednesday to Sunday from 9.15am until 4pm) or by telephone on 01702 215620. There is no booking fee for tickets and passes held for collection. These can be collected either from the Visitor Information Centre, up to 4pm on Thursday 21st January, or, from Friday 22nd January, from the Festival Desk when you arrive at the Park Inn Palace Hotel or The White Bus Cinema for Horror-on-Sea. Tickets and passes purchased in advance from the Visitor Information Centre can be posted out, but this will incur a booking/postage fee of £2.75 per transaction.

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The White Bus: Horror on Sea 2016 Film Festival Southend on Sea

Fri 22 January 2016


Ends: Sun 31 January 10:00PM

Park Inn Palace Hotel & TAP Gallery

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