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Photos from first SALAD day @ The Forum

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Last Saturday was the first ever SALAD (Southend Area Local Authors’ Day) at the Forum. It was organised by Ann Duggans Robson to promote literature written by local authors.

the book of thoth carya gish author  Carya Gish author The Book of Thoth

The Book of Thoth is a brand new book by Southend-based French writer Carya Gish. It was inspired by the classic genre of the Gothic Novel, but with a contemporary twist!

FOG-Zippit-jpeg  Ann Robson

The third book in Ann Duggans Robson‘s knitted mouse characters series about ‘The Pinkmouse Gang’ sees Zippit and Lee Go to Southend.

essex land girls dee gordon Dee Gordon Southend author Essex Land Girls

The latest book by Dee Gordon, Voices from History: Essex Land Girls includes interviews and a wealth of material unearthed in diaries, letters and in the stories handed down from one generation to the next about Essex Land Girls.

Eye Spy Tessa Buckley cover Tessa Buckley Eye Spy leigh on Sea writer

Tessa Buckley is a writer from Leigh on Sea. Her forthcoming book Eye Spy is her first novel, an e-book adventure story for children, introducing Alex and Donna Macintyre and their detective service, Eye Spy Investigations.

colin taylor the-restaurant-bear  Colin Taylor writer The Restaurant Bear

Colin Taylor is a writer and storyteller who writes for children, with a series of books about The Restaurant Bear and The Monster (The Sticker Monster, The Glitter Monster).

sarah e smith the secret of aldwych strand sarah e smith author the secret of aldwych strand

Sarah E Smith has written a time travel trilogy The Secret of Aldwych Strand: “Nothing ever goes according to plan – especially where Time Travel is concerned. Instead of Southend, Lucy and Mark find themselves in Nazi Britain in 1949, on a different pier, in a world that shouldn’t exist.”

pamela shine author red flame books pamela shine author

Pamela Shine is only 13 but she’s already written three books about adventures in Red Flame Wizards’ School, Red Flame.

The Tokyo Express Una Rose  Una Rose

The Tokyo Express is Una Rose’s début novel: “It explores many issues of human nature, such as prejudice and abuse of power, as well as the force of love surviving against all the odds.”


  1. Dee says:

    Great images. Thanks a lot, Michaela. Always happy to support local events that promote books, not just for the obvious reason, but because of my links with local history which is so important for us to preserve. There is so much more to Southend than its popular image than meets the eye. Not only that, there is much more literary talent in Southend than you can imagine: authors cover all genres, with minimal if any funding, and minimal recompense. But we love it – the town, and the writing! (I give talks all over the town to groups, to raise money for Southend Mencap, and can guarantee to surprise them with my research). Dee Gordon http://www.deegordon-writer.com