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Grayson Perry’s A House for Essex

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grayson perry a house for essex

Grayson Perry’s new project A House for Essex near Wrabness on the North Essex coast, will be featured in Channel 4’s documentary, Grayson Perry’s Dream House – on Sunday 17 May at 9pm.

“The house is both an artwork in itself and the setting for a number of works by Grayson Perry exploring the special character and unique qualities of Essex. The building has been designed to evoke a tradition of wayside and pilgrimage chapels. It belongs to a history of follies, whilst also being deeply of its own time.”

“The interior of the house contains a number of specially commissioned art works by Grayson Perry including beautiful tapestries, pots, decorative timberwork and mosaic floors, celebrating the history and psyche of Essex.”

“The décor will pay tribute to a fictional character called Julie, the supposed previous inhabitant of the home. Accoutrements accrued during her life will be spread across the property and guests will be able to deduce details of her life story as they make their way from room to room.”

Grayson Perry’s fictitious character Julie’s life is depicted on tapestries and the motorbike that tragically ended her life is also featured in the interior:

Grayson Perry Motorbike Julie A House for Essex

Watch a BBC tour around the house here.

Find out more about A House for Essex here.

It is possible to apply to book a stay in Grayson Perry’s house here. Please note no children under 10!