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Horror on Sea Film Festival 2015

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The White Bus’ Horror on Sea festival returns to Southend!

Park Inn Palace Hotel – Church Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2AL
01702 455100

Tickets for individual films £5.00
Day Passes £20 You save £10
Weekend Passes (limited to 100) £50 You save £40
Pat Higgins’ Masterclass (not included in Day or Weekend Passes) £5.00
Tickets can be obtained up to Tuesday 20th January on-line at the eShop at www.visitsouthend.co.uk, or, up to Thursday 22nd January, by telephone on 01702 618747 or in person from the Visitor Information Centre at Southend Pier (Western Esplanade, SS1 1EE).

Here is the full programme of films at the Park Inn Palace Hotel:

Friday 23rd January

10am The Killing of Jacob Marr (Brad Rego / 2010 / USA / 1h 51m)
20 years after killing his parents, a boy finds his home occupied by vacationers. He is not pleased.
+ Mocking Death: The Tutorial (Norman Bosse-Platière and Victor Druillet / 2013 / France / 3m)

12.30pm Alone on Board (Jean-Francois Guay / 2013 / Belgium / 1h 33m)
Rescued from a mugging by an unknown woman, a man follows her into a nightmarish world.
+ Should the Day Ever Come (Pedro Santasmarinas / 2014 / Portugal / 10m)

3pm House of Forbidden Secrets (Todd Sheets / 2013 / USA / 1h 33m)
Jacob Hunt has had some very bad breaks in life. But he has been given an amazing gift…
+ Night Guards (Marko Marinkovic / 2014 / Serbia / 12m)

5.30pm Sacrament (Shawn Ewert / 2014 / USA / 1h 49m)
Intent on a weekend of boozing, seven friends find themselves stranded in the Texan Bible Belt.
+ Hell is… (Paul Laight / 2014 / UK / 10m)

8pm Serial Kaller (Dan Brownlie / 2014 / UK / 1h 36m)
The girls at Babealicious TV have youth and beauty – and a psychotic enemy…
+ Grime Horror (Richard Elson and John Foxen / 2014 / UK / 11m)

10.30pm Torn: a SHOCK YOUmentary (Justin Carter / 2014 / UK / 1h 32m)
A documentary film crew investigates The Devonshire Devil.
+ Bernard (Robert Howells / 2014 / UK / 3m)

Saturday 24th January

10am Nekros (Michael J. Murphy / 2014 / UK / 1h 34m)
When holidaymakers are quarantined on ‘The Isle of the Dead’, they are not alone…
+ Flat (Geoff Cockwill / 2014 / UK / 12m)

12.30pm Call Girl of Cthulhu (Chris LaMartina / 2014 / USA / 1h 32m)
A virginal artist falls in love with a call girl…the chosen bride of the alien god Cthulhu.
+ Potty Mouth (Darren Langlands / 2014 / UK / 7m)

3pm Berkshire County (Audrey Cummings / 2014 / Canada / 1h 24m)
A bullied and self-loathing teen reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated country mansion.
+ The Stomach (Ben Steiner / 2014 / UK / 15m)

3pm How Not to Make a Horror Movie!
Pat Higgins (KillerKiller / Hellbride / Bordello Death Tales) Masterclass
Pat has made a lot of horror movies. He’s also made a lot of mistakes. Join him for a fast-paced romp through all the horrible ways that your masterpiece can screw up. From power failures to casting nightmares, these are the terrifying true stories of how NOT to make a horror movie…
(Laurel & Hardy Suite, Park Inn Palace Hotel / 2h)

5.30pm Axe to Grind (Matt Zettall / 2014 / USA / 1h 24m)
A B-movie legend, replaced by a young scream queen in her lover’s bed, doesn’t take rejection well.
+ 2 Careful Owners (Mike Tack / 2014 / UK / 16m)

8pm Opening Night of the Living Dead (Joshua Dickinson / 2014 / UK / 1h 1m)
The show must go on – even when an acting troupe’s town is overrun by zombies!
+ Infected (Jason Wright / 2014 / UK / 30m)

10.30pm Kill, Granny, Kill! (Jacob Ennis / 2014 / USA / 1h 20m)
At a remote farmhouse, a new ‘in-home’ help finds all is not as it seems with her elderly employer.
+ I Am Monster (Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark / 2013 / USA / 18m)

Sunday 25th January

10am Tales of the Supernatural (Steven M. Smith and Daniel Johnson / 2014 / UK / 1h 29m)
Are you ready to be scared? Then here are six bone-chilling, blood-curdling, nightmare-inducing films.
+ The Widow (Paul Rodriguez / 2014 / UK / 15m)

12.30pm Enchiridion (Mark Beal / 2012 / USA / 1h 21m)
A priest is recruited by federal marshals to deal with a vampire held in custody. Then things get weird.
+ The Heebie-Jeebies (Todd Slawsby / 2014 / USA / 9m)

3pm Sharkasaurus (Spencer Estabrooks / 2014 / Canada / 10m)
+ Panel Discussion: ‘The Making of Sharkasaurus’ with the cast and crew
+ Short Films by Molly Brown (UK / 11m)

5.30pm Conjoined (Joe Grisaffi / 2013 / USA / 1h 16m)
A lonely man finds that the love of his life has a conjoined twin, who happens to be a serial killer…
+ Eyes Wide Open (Stephen Dorrington / 2013 / UK / 20secs)
+ Flower & Grave (Tomi Malkki / 2014 / Finland / 5mins)

8pm Legacy of Thorn (Mj Dixon / 2014 / UK / 1h 38m)
Four years ago, Jess was almost killed by unstoppable killer ‘Thorn’. Now it’s her turn…
+ Grime House Premiere! In a ‘Festival First’, a short film made during this very festival will have its premiere this evening!

10.30pm President Wolfman (Mike Davis / 2012 / USA / 1h 20m)
The US President has been bitten by a werewolf – and is loose on the streets of Washington!
+ Waterborne (Ryan Coonan / 2014 / Australia / 10m)


Horror-on-Sea 2015: Rest of Fest The Horror Continues at The White Bus Cinema!
TAP, North Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7AB
Call the Horror-on-Sea Helpline for directions and further information: 07981 824283

Tickets for individual films £5.00
TAP Passes for all three days £20 You save £30
Tickets can be obtained up to Tuesday 20th January on-line at the eShop at www.visitsouthend.co.uk, or, up to Thursday 22nd January, by telephone on 01702 618747 or in person from the Visitor Information Centre at Southend Pier (Western Esplanade, SS1 1EE).

From Friday 23rd January tickets for all screenings at TAP will be available from the Ticket Desk at the Park Inn Palace Hotel throughout Horror-on-Sea. Or reserve your tickets by phoning the Festival Helpline: 07981 824283

Note: Seating is limited at TAP, so be sure to buy or reserve your tickets well in advance. First come, first served – or queue for returns!

Friday 30th January

7pm Die Die Delta Pie (Sean Donohue and Christopher Leto / 2013 / USA / 1h 18m)
It was only supposed to be a prank…in this throwback to 80’s gore and nudity.
+ Mona (Alexis Barbosa / 2014 / France / 13m)

9pm Make them Die Sleazy! (John Miller and Chris Woods / 2014 / USA / 1h 27m)
‘It Does What It Says on the Tin’ in this new horror anthology from the makers of Amerikan Holokaust.
+ 5 ways 2 Die (Daina Papadaki / 2014 / Cyprus / 15m)

Saturday 31st January

5pm The Room in the Tower (Jason Wilcox / 2014 / UK / 1h 35m)
Taking a break at a gothic tower with his girl-friend, a man is pulled into an alternative world.
+ Dead Party (Charlie Parsons / 2014 / UK / 11m)

7pm Scream Park (Cary Hill / 2012 / USA / 1h 24m)
Death is the new attraction! An amusement park owner commits murders as a publicity stunt.
+ Skulligan (Louis Segal / 2014 / UK / 14m)

9pm Cromwell (Jonathan Anderson / 2008 / Canada / 1h 10m)
A serial killer escapes from madness in the distorted love of an exotic dancer. But there’s a catch…
+ Voisins (Christophe Mayroudis / 2014 / Belgium / 13m)

Sunday 1st February

1pm The Three Sisters (Dáire McNab / 2014 / Ireland / 1h 23m)
Stylish giallo, with special guest star Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Ferox).
+ The Brethren (Shane Wheeler / 2013 / UK / 12m)

3pm The Visitant (Jon Binkowski / 2014 / USA / 1h 30m)
Samantha is a thorough sceptic. But one night, alone in her house, dark forces gather. Or do they?
+ The Journey (Andy Ward / 2014 / UK / 14m)

5pm The Slayers: Portrait of a Dismembered Family (Alex Poray / 2014 / UK / 1h 12m)
Father blames son, son blames father, in this everyday story of witchcraft, murder and cannibalism.
+ Mack Blaster: The World in the Crosshairs (René Schweitzer and Sebastian Utech / 2014 / Germany / 18m)

7pm Exhumed (Richard Griffin / 2011 / USA / 1h 34m)
A warped and mysterious family, unable to leave their house, turn their captivity into a sick game.
+ Protein (Tony Burke / 2014 / UK / 16m)

9pm They Came from the Ether (James Pronath / 2014 / USA / 1h 30m)
Linnea Quigley stars in this homage to 50s sci-fi. An alien gives a salesman a chance at success…
+ Tin & Tina (Rubin Stein / 2013 / Spain / 12m)

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Horror on Sea Film Festival 2015

Fri 23 January 2015


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Park Inn Palace Hotel

Church Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2AL

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