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Life Drawing @ Leigh Community Centre

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An Exhibition of Life Drawing at the Leigh Community Centre

16th January – 28th February 2015

Leigh Community Centre is delighted to host a spectacular and very unusual exhibition of life drawings. These drawings are compiled from a group of artists who meet twice a month to work with a live model to explore the nature of the human form. Over 20 diverse artists from Leigh and the wider Southend area will show and sell their work on the main walls of Leigh Community Centre until the 28th February 2015.

This exhibition shows a wide range of approaches to practicing and perfecting the intricacies and complexities of the human form in pencil, conte, charcoal, clay, pastel and paint. Life drawing is a discipline for practicing artists, and usually these working drawings are kept in the studio, and not for public viewing. This is a rare opportunity to see a compilation of a wide range of drawing approaches to express ways of representing the nude, from classical to modern, delicate to bold, detailed to expressive. The unifying element is the exploration of life and the beauty of it as seen through artistic eyes. Each artist has selected a drawing from their portfolio that reflects their vision of the human form.

Friday evening Life Drawing at Leigh Community Centre has been running for the past five years. Initiated and organised by Susan Allen (www.estuarygallerycoop.com), the sessions began with 4 or 5 committed artists meeting monthly to draw. Continued enthusiasm and a growing need for life drawing practice has seen the group grow. Sunday Life Drawing at T.A.P. (Southend) began as a response to this need for more regular practise. Both sessions are run as a drop in, so new members are always welcome. There is no tutoring, just an empty room, chairs, a model and enthusiasm for drawing, and Leigh Community Centre is very pleased to showcase some of the very exciting work from these artists.


‘The Human Form’ is complemented by Peter Worley at Elsie’s Place cafe, Leigh Community Centre, with his collection of photographs from Canvey, where Annie Leibovitz, icon of fashion photography, did a photo shoot for Prada in September of last year, and his wife Colleen Worley, with a series of prints exploring the nature of falling down, with her collection tumbling and spiralling figurative prints. ‘The Human Form’ is on the main walls of Leigh Community Centre until the 28th February 2015.


Contact information:


Susan Allen 07875 079739

Facebook page: Life Drawing in Southend

Email: [email protected]



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Life Drawing @ Leigh Community Centre

Sun 18 January 2015


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Leigh Community Centre

Elm Rd, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1SJ

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