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Creative Tomorrows invite you to witness the results of their latest project, Seaside Peoples, which aims to enrich the lives of homeless people in Southend. The organisation provided clients of HARP with disposable cameras to document their lives over a two week period, resulting in a photographic exhibition and a small magazine publication at the end of February.

The project intends to illustrate how the Southend ‘Seaside Peoples’ perceive the world around them, capturing the hardships and joys of their day-to-day life.  By providing a workshop and photographic tutorial, and the opportunity to be part of a public art exhibition and see their work published in a small magazine, Creative Tomorrows hopes to challenge the stigma surrounding homeless people, improve their confidence and perhaps even inspire the participants to pursue a creative career.

Private View:

All members of the public are invited to join us for the opening night between 6pm – 9pm on Thursday 26th February.
Refreshments will be provided.


During the Private View an auction will be held, in which the photographic works will be sold to raise money for both HARP and Creative Tomorrows. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase original photographs throughout the evening.

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Seaside Peoples

Thu 26 February 2015


Ends: Mon 2 March 4:00PM

1st Floor Victoria Shopping Centre

362 Chartwell Square, Southend-on-sea, SS2 5SP

0330 100 3456


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