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Southend Jam #5 – Space Station Experiments and Sensors

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Southend Jam #5 is coming to you on Saturday 21st February.

Sign up for FREE tickets here: http://southendjam.co.uk

The theme of this Raspberry Pi Jam is Space Station Experiments and Sensors

We are very fortunate to announce that we will have a Raspberry Pi / Oracle Weather Station Kit in attendance!! The kit is as mentioned in a blog post here http://www.recantha.co.uk/blog/?p=11425

You can view literally tons of details of the workshops and talks on at this event, plus read about our previous events, over on the Eventbrite ticket page at http://southendjam.co.uk

Workshops & talks include:

  • Electronic Fashion workshop
  • Build an Alarm System workshop
  • Scratch & Scratch GPIO workshop
  • Soldering workshop
  • Minecraft Pi with Python workshop
  • Web Basics for Beginners workshop
  • How to Build Your Own Quadcopter talk & demo
  • “My Head is My Sensor” workshop
  • “Want to be the Next Google” talk
  • “Space Station Experiments” talk
  • “History of Analog Computers” talk
  • “Environmental Sensors Network” talk

Tickets for talks and workshops can be ordered (for free!) from the Eventbrite ticket page. All talks and workshops shown above are subject to change (but we’ll do our best!!).

We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to show their project, help at or produce a workshop, or give a talk.

Please help us spread the message of this event and tell others!

Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/SouthendRPiJams and https://twitter.com/SouthendRPiJams

Join our e-mailing list at http://soslug.us8.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=29e6a926bcc076d0a71619377&id=848eb84fdb

We look forward to welcoming old friends and new at the event on Saturday 21st February!


International Space Station Experiments Competition
British ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake, invites Primary and Secondary students to design and program experiments and applications to be run on the International Space Station using a Raspberry Pi, a sensor packed add-on board and cameras.

Shrimping IT! Workshop
Build your own Arduino Clone, Participants need a laptop with a spare USB port, and with the Arduino IDE version 1.0.x pre-installed (i.e. not the beta 1.5 version).
To save time and frustration – if 20 people all try a big download on the day that usually kills wifi 🙁
Instructions are online as a pdf.
The hardware cost is £10 including VAT on the day. That covers the Shrimping Kit, the Breadboard and Programmer. You keep the hardware!
Numbers are strictly limited to 20 as that’s the largest group which can be handled. Lots of people usually need help but so far everyone has ended up with a working clone.
The workshop duration is usually 120 mins, although lots of people will finish early.
Electronic Fashion Workshop (Please book above)
We are again running a Wearable workshop, participants will need to purchase a “Gemma Starter Kit” from here:- http://skpang.co.uk/catalog/gemma-starter-pack-p-1282.html these are on special offer now or similar outlet (You will need to buy one and bring it with you to the workshop)

Environmental Sensor Networks (Talk Please book above)
Citizens around the world are building open networks to monitor contaminants in their environment. This talk gives an overview of the hardware and software being used in these networks and looks at the positive social impact they can have.

Scratch Workshop
Learn to program using a simple visual language (suitable for ages 5+)

All day: Workshop: ScratchGPIO
Many schools and hence children use Scratch, and are familiar with it. We will be using an extended, yet recognizable version ScratchGPIO, where you
can control electronic devices such as coloured lights (LED’s), buzzers and push-buttons connected to your Raspberry Pi! Suitable starter hardware kit
will be available on the day for £9.00 to enable projects and experiments to be continued at home. Appropriate for all ages

All day: Workshop: Interfacing with Python
Python is a popular programming language used on the Raspberry Pi, learn the basics of getting started with using this software along with some simple
hardware such as lights, push-buttons and buzzer to make your Raspberry Pi control these connected components. Suitable starter hardware kit will be
available on the day for £9.00 to enable projects and experiments to be continued at home. Appropriate for all ages

All day: Workshop: Soldering
Virtually all electronic devices have their internal electronic components reliably connected together by a hot metallic liquid-glue substance called
solder that becomes solid at room temperature. Learn an essential skill for lots of simple and advanced technology projects using some basic solder
practise kits supplied by Pocketmoneytronics: www.pocketmoneytronics.co.uk. (suitable for ages 10+). A donation of £1.50 would be appreciated by
participants for each board.

All day: Workshop: Basic Electronic Interfacing Kit – on sale
Our popular hardware interfacing kit will once again be on sale throughout the day. It contains a number of LEDs, push buttons and a buzzer along with
breadboard to make a number of samples projects that can be programmed in Python and ScracthGPIO. Everything you need to get started, all reusable for
simple interfacing on all versions of the Raspberry Pi. Come along and learn the basics at one of our workshops running on the day, take a kit home for
£9.00 and continue with the fun.

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Southend Jam #5 – Space Station Experiments and Sensors

Sat 21 February 2015


Ends: Sat 21 February 5:00PM

Tickfield Centre

Tickfield Industrial Estate, Tickfield Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6LL


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