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Southend on Sea Film Festival 2015 Programme

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Southend on Sea Film Festival organised by The White Bus returns to Southend 21-25 May 2015.

Download the programme brochure as a pdf here.

Films shown at this year’s festival:
Opening Gala: Age of Kill
Odeon Cinema / Thursday 21st May / 8pm (Doors open 7.30pm)
£25 (inc. Black Tie pre-film reception, from 6.30pm, and after show party) 



THE GANG’S ALL HEREUSA : 103mins : 1943 : Certificate ‘U’Directed by Busby Berkeley
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Friday 22nd May : 1pm : £5
Playboy Andy Mason, on leave from the army, romances showgirl Eadie Allen to such effect that she’s starry-eyed when he leaves for active duty. Only trouble is, he gave her the assumed name of Casey. And when his return is celebrated by his rich father with a benefit show featuring Eadie’s troupe, she’s sure to learn his true identity…and meet Vivian, his ‘family-arrangement’ fiancée! But forget the plot! This is terrific war-time escapism, with the lovely Alice Faye getting all misty-eyed during the ballads, and Carmen Miranda, for whom the word ‘vivacious’ could have been invented, belting out barnstorming Busby Berkeley numbers such as ‘The Girl with the Tutti Frutti Hat’. Great fun – and in Technicolor!
DICK BARTON STRIKES BACKUK : 73mins : 1949 : BW : Certificate ‘U’Directed by Godfrey Grayson
Royal View Suite
Friday 22nd May : 1pm : £5
Before finding worldwide success with Gothic horror films, Hammer Films often turned to the BBC for inspiration. Based on the hugely popular radio series, which ran from 1946 to 1951, Dick Barton: Special Agent was a great success, and produced two sequels, Dick Barton at Bay and this afternoon’s thrilling entry. All three starred our own, Westcliff-born, Don Stannard, as the ex-commando who, with sidekicks Jock and Snowy, and catchphrase “with one bound he was free!”, solved all manner of crimes. In this film our heroes confront a gang of international criminals who want to dominate the world. Great fun – and who can forget that memorable theme tune?
THE GAY DIVORCEEUSA : 107mins : 1934 : BW : Certificate ‘U’Directed by Mark Sandrich
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Friday 22nd May : 3.30pm : £5
Sponsored by PACE Property Professionals (paceplc.co.uk)
Mimi Glossop (Ginger Rogers) wants a divorce, so her Aunt Hortense hires a professional to play the co-respondent in apparent infidelity. American dancer Guy Holden (Fred Astaire) meets Mimi while in England visiting ‘Brightbourne’ (a very art deco ‘Brighton’) and she thinks he is the co-respondent. Mistaken identities ensue… But the plot is really an excuse for song and dance in the first film in which that knockout pairing of Fred and Ginger were given leading roles. Among many accolades was the first Oscar for Best Song: ‘The Continental’, a fabulous twenty-two minute show-stopper. A real delight!
MURDER MOST FOULUK : 90mins : 1964 : BW : Certificate ‘U’Directed by George Pollock
Royal View Suite
Friday 22nd May : 3.30pm : £5
Although, when a blackmailer is strangled, the evidence appears to be overwhelming, Miss Marple’s sole ‘not guilty’ vote prevents the accused being convicted. Convinced that the real murderer is a member of a local theatrical troupe, she joins them in order to gather information… Enter the wonderful Margaret Rutherford, who was born to play Agatha Christie’s famous amateur detective. Aided and abetted by her real-life husband, Stringer Davis (playing, as ever, Mr. Stringer) and to the eternal exasperation of Charles Tingwell’s Inspector Craddock, she crosses verbal swords with the likes of Ron Moody, Andrew Cruikshank, Megs Jenkins and James Bolam. Great fun!
THE FACE OF FU MANCHUUK : 89mins : 1965 : Certificate ‘PG’Directed by Don SharpTom King, features writer for the ‘Echo’, will introduce the film and talk about its leading actor, Christopher Lee
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Friday 22nd May : 6pm : £5
Grisly strangulations in London alert Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard to the possibility that fiendish Fu Manchu may not be dead after all, even though Smith witnessed his execution. A killer spray made from Tibetan berries also seems to be involved, and clues keep leading back to a secret lair under the Thames. This is the first, and best, of Christopher Lee’s portrayals of Sax Rohmer’s insidious East-Asian arch villain, once again trying to conquer the world. Can his Scotland Yard nemesis stop him, or is the world doomed?!
TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHTBelgium/France/Italy : 95mins : 2014: Subtitles : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne
+ Hardwood
Directed by Scott Westby / Canada / 2012 / 11mins
Royal View Suite
Friday 22nd May : 6pm : £5
Sandra, a young Belgian mother, discovers that, while she was away on sick leave, her workmates have opted for a significant pay bonus, in exchange for her dismissal. She has only one weekend to convince her colleagues to give up their bonuses so that she can keep her job. The wonderful Marion Cotillard, who won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose,
received rave reviews, and a further Oscar nomination, for her supremely intelligent performance in this multi-award winning film, hailed by ‘Empire’ magazine as “a rare film of unforced simplicity, with an outstanding lead performance”.
After taking a male enhancement drug hours before his 25th anniversary, Emerson calls upon his son and business rival to help him out of a hard situation.
RUDE BOYUK : 132mins : 1980 : Certificate ‘18’Directed by Jack Hazan and David MingayThe screening will be introduced by music consultant Daryl Easlea+ Beverley
Directed by Alexander Thomas / UK / 2015 / 25mins
Introduced by producer Cass Pennant and writer/director Alexander Thomas
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Friday 22nd May : 8.30pm : £5
Rude Boy
Rude Boy is a semi-documentary, part character study, part ‘rockumentary’, featuring punk band The Clash. The underlying story recounts the experiences of Clash fan Ray, who leaves his job in a Soho sex shop to become a roadie for the band. The well-staged performances, including the ‘Rock Against Racism’ concert in Victoria Park, Hackney, and studio recording sessions, are interspersed with public events of the day, including political demonstrations, in this powerful look at late 1970s Britain.
In Leicester, in 1980, a mixed race girl struggles to carve out an identity in a confusing, shifting, cultural landscape. And a move from the decaying urban environment to supposedly comfortable ‘white suburbia’ doesn’t appear to offer the hopes and opportunities she craves.
MY HORRIBLE LOVEUK : 76mins : 2014 : Certificate ‘18’Directed by Charles Edmond
Introduced by writer/director Charles Edmond, producer/editor Michael Berwick, cinematographer Jon James Smith and actors Ben Edmond, Rose Polly and Kurt Luce.
+ Blanche Dumas from B to Z Introduced by writer/
director Walter Martyn Cabell and lead actress
Hetty Baynes Russell
Directed by Walter Martyn Cabell / UK / 2014 / 23mins
Royal View Suite
Friday 22nd May : 8.30pm : £5
In this biting, hard hitting comedy, four foul mouthed holidaying family members attempt to settle their differences at a caravan site in Essex. Made on a deceptively low budget, this is a fascinating look at a family that just can’t get on – and thinks “the bible” is three words: “the” “bi” “ble”. Like arriving at the site of a car crash, it’s impossible not to look, as the family tears itself apart. Over the top? Sure, but isn’t that just what life can be like at times? This fascinating and challenging film grips…and doesn’t let go easily.
Blanche Dumas from B to Z
This terrific comedy, a movie buff’s delight, stars Hetty Baynes Russell and Simon Callow, and profiles a day in the life of ‘scream queen’ legend Blanche Dumas. 
PADDINGTONUK/France : 95mins : 2014 : Certificate ‘PG’Directed by Paul King
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Saturday 23rd May : 1pm : £5
Sponsored by Victoria Shopping Centre (victoriasc.co.uk)
Astonishingly, this is the first time everyone’s favourite bear has been seen on the big screen! An all-star cast – Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and Peter Capaldi – aid and abet our hero when he leaves Darkest Peru and arrives, unannounced, at Paddington station. Confused by big city life, he is befriended by the kindly Brown family – but soon attracts the eye of a sinister, seductive taxidermist, and it isn’t long before his home – and very existence – is under threat. A really lovely, heart-warming film for all the family!
iWITNESSUK : 73mins : 2015 : Certificate ‘15’
Directed by Steve Rainbow
Introduced by writer/director Steve Rainbow
+ Set Point
Directed by Neilson Black / UK / 2014 / 17mins
Royal View Suite
Saturday 23rd May : 1pm : £5
Uniquely set inside an English caravan park, this beguiling drama centres on the park’s young, recently injured (and wheelchair-bound) landlord. His only contacts with other people are his daily visits from a nurse and the sporadic interactions from his tenants. As he physically recuperates in this confining, claustrophobic environment, he becomes more and more disturbed mentally, dependent on his CCTV, internet and texts for information about the outside world. This removal from direct reality starts to corrupt his mind, plunging him into the depths of uncertainty and exposing him to unbearable ‘cabin fever’. This is intriguing, home-grown drama at its very best.
Set Point
After an encounter at her local tennis club, Amy, a computer genius, goes on a date with Thierry, a rich investment banker. Soon she learns there is an ill-gotten past to him, which includes his vulnerable ex, Marie, and his bad date with fiery Russian bar manager, Kristina. Using her advanced computer skills, she tries to uncover Thierry’s secrets.
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Saturday 23rd May : 3.30pm : £5
Sponsored by BTMK Solicitors (btmk.co.uk)
Over many years, Chris Taylor, President of South Essex Film Makers, has gathered a collection of archive films of Southend, going right back to nitrate film of the early 1900s. The collection is now mostly lodged with The East Anglian Film Archive. It includes many insights into life in Southend and how it was promoted as a resort. Chris has all these films on electronic media, and this afternoon’s very special presentation will be a mix of popular items, as well as rarely seen footage. Chris also hopes to introduce a new DVD of the history of our famous pier and its many disasters. So do join him for a wonderful trip down memory lane!
Introduced by co-writer Jason Long
Canada : 94mins : 2008 : Certificate ‘15’
Directed by Robert Cuffley
+ Like Sunday Morning
Directed by Jason Long / Canada / 2014 / 9mins)
Royal View Suite
Saturday 23rd May : 3.30pm : £5
Alberta, a mousy young woman, loses cash that isn’t hers, so she leaves her small town and hides out in Vancouver, where her old babysitter, Celene, is now a dominatrix with a classy apartment and a life plan. Alberta gets a regular job, but becomes fascinated with Celene’s work. While vamping in one of her costumes, Alberta ruins it; to earn the money to replace it, she contacts a prospective client, Paul, and  poses as Celene. All goes well until a gang of thugs burst into Paul’s apartment looking for $500,000 he stole. Alberta finds herself way over her head in trouble. Is there any way out?
This superb, ironically titled thriller gives the role of a lifetime to New York born actress Leelee Sobieski.
Like Sunday Morning
Closure is hard, especially when you can’t dance. Ron’s sleepy Sunday morning is thrown for a loop when he finds his recently deceased fiancé, Angela swaying to the beat of unheard music in his living room. She wants closure. He just wants to read the paper and eat waffles…
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Saturday 23rd May : 6pm : £5
HOUDINI: THE MAN FROM BEYONDThe great American escape artist and magician was born Erich Weiss in 1874, in Budapest. His poverty-stricken family emigrated to America when he was four years old; there, his fascination with magic developed and, as Harry Houdini, he became one of the major celebrities of the first age dominated by the mass media. Stuart Burrell, 10 time world record holding escapologist and stamina strongman, will profile this remarkable performer in a presentation that will include a clip from the recently discovered early Houdini film The Grim Game and will culminate in a screening of The Man from Beyond,  in which Houdini, who wrote the story and acted as executive producer, stars as a man who, frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years, returns to civilisation to find his lost love. Released in the UK shortly after his untimely death in 1926, unlike his other films, made at the birth of the industry, this showcases Houdini the actor, a skill often overlooked. It also represents a unique opportunity to see the genesis of filmmaking techniques and a story retold on many occasions.
HUMAN CAPITALItaly/France : 111mins : 2013 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Paolo Virzi
Royal View Suite
Saturday 23rd May : 6pm : £5
A small-time estate agent who dreams of bigger things, his teenage daughter who dates a spoilt rich brat, an actress who has given up her career to marry a wealthy businessman, that powerful businessman, a troubled son, a psychologist, a brilliant drama teacher, a teenager frowned upon by others… They are all ‘human capital’. And then, on a foggy Christmas Eve, a cyclist is killed in a hit and run… As they all come under suspicion, the veneer of polite society is gradually peeled away in this devastating, stylish fusion of class critique and murder mystery, based on the best-selling novel by Chicago born Stephen Amidon.
THE LIBERATORUK : 102mins : 2015 : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Ben Lettieri

+ Don’t Miss the Cup
Introduced by producer Tracey Adam and director Stuart Renfrew
Directed by Stuart Renfrew / UK / 2013 / 15mins
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom : Saturday 23rd May : 8.30pm : £5

In this action-packed, martial arts-fuelled adventure, Ben Silver, aka ‘The Liberator’, has only a few hours to retrieve a priceless stolen antique and return it undamaged to his mysterious  but seductive client, reformed cat burglar Melinda Page. Using skills developed as a VC-winning Special Forces soldier, adrenalin junkie Ben puts his life on the line as a mercenary for hire. But the deaths of his parents, killed while trying to help a friend, weigh heavily on him – and then he comes under fire from arch-rival Rolf. Filmed mainly in Southend (so you can play ‘spot the locations’!), and with its tongue firmly in its cheek, this is terrific fun!
Don’t Miss the Cup
This terrific comedy delves head first into the uncomfortable world of fertility. While it’s full of laugh out loud moments, it is also a very human story. We follow five couples. It’s D-Day for Ali and Scott, who are at the clinic to get their results. The other four couples, who’ve been having trouble getting pregnant, are there to donate a sperm sample for examination. Infertility is a serious issue, and often a heart-breaking one. But there are also those times when it’s important to try and cling to your sense of humour and what’s left, if anything, of your perspective. Don’t Miss The Cup is a humorous take on an important subject, and a wickedly enjoyable ride through sperm donation.
CALL GIRLSweden/Norway/Finland/Ireland :
140mins : 2012 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘18’Directed by Mikael Marcimain
Royal View Suite
Saturday 23rd May : 8.30pm : £5
Stockholm, the late 1970s, a time of women’s liberation, sexual revolution, Swedish neutrality, nuclear power and social security. The model Utopian society. But under the polished surface, dark desires are eager to be fulfilled. Within a stone’s throw of government buildings and juvenile homes lies the seductive, glittery and dirty world of sex clubs, strip shows, discotheques and illicit apartments. Inspired by the Swedish political scandal which linked underage prostitution with powerful customers from the highest levels of society, this compelling, unsettling drama tells how a young girl is recruited from the bottom rung of society into a ruthless world where power can get you anything.


SING-A-LONG FROZENUSA : 102m : 2013 : Certificate ‘PG’Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Sunday 24th May : 1pm : £5
Sponsored by Pier View Self Catering Luxury Apartments (pierviewluxuryapartments.co.uk)
When the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to envelope her kingdom in eternal winter, her sister, Anna, teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to seek to change the weather conditions. This Disney adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’ has become a worldwide phenomenon, along the way winning Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. Now, you’ll be able to sit back and sing your hearts out to that song, ‘Let it Go’, and all the other favourites. So park your reindeers, come in from the cold, and enjoy one of the most magical films ever made!
FIREWORKS WEDNESDAYIran : 102m : 2006 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘12’Directed by Asghar Farhadi
+ Defensive Aggressive
Directed by James Reckseidler / Canada / 2010 / 12mins)

Royal View Suite
Sunday 24th May : 1pm : £5

On the day before their holiday trip to Dubai, a wife, who believes her husband is unfaithful, enlists the help of Roohi, a young women sent by an agency to clean her house. She asks Roohi to make an appointment and gather information at the salon of the woman she suspects. Over the course of the day, Roohi, the couple, their small son, the wife’s sister and husband, and the beautician, engage in a series of exchanges, confrontations, and prevarications. Are the wife’s suspicions warranted? Is her behavior imperiling her marriage? And what about the trip to Dubai? The superb, tightly structured screenplay presents a revealing look into Iran’s urban middle and lower classes.
Defensive Aggressive
A wildlife expert discovers that grizzly bear aggression is no match for women scorned.
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Sunday 24th May : 3.30pm : £5
Sponsored by Genting Club Westcliff (gentingcasinos.co.uk/club/westcliff)
In this fully illustrated show, local cinema historian Chris Izod presents a positive cornucopia of cinema-related items. They include films about some of Southend’s cinemas – including the former Odeon and ABC, and a rare screening of a newsreel filmed by the projectionist at the Civic News Theatre – a ‘Look at Life’ short (once a staple of most cinema shows!) and a look at cinemas that have appeared in features, with extracts from films such as the classic weepie Brief Encounter (in which Trevor Howard memorably has a date with Celia Johnson at the pictures!) and that wonderful homage to film-going, Cinema Paradiso. So take your seats, please, ladies and gentlemen – there are just a few left in the one and nines!
IDAPoland/Denmark/France/UK :
82m : 2013 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘12’Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski
Royal View Suite
Sunday 24th May : 3.30pm : £5
Poland, 1962. Anna, an orphan, has been brought up in a convent. A novice, she visits Wanda, her only living relative, before she takes her vows. Wanda tells her about her Jewish roots, and the women start out on a journey not only to discover the truth about their family’s apparently tragic history, but to see who they really are and where they belong. During the course of their journey they come to question what they used to believe in. This powerful drama, stylishly photographed and superbly acted, deservedly won both Oscar and BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Feature.
BICYCLEUK : 87m : 2014 : Certificate ‘PG’Directed by Michael B. Clifford

+ Channel Swimmer
(Music video featuring Eight Rounds Rapid, filmed on Southend seafront)
Directed by Tony Burke / UK / 4mins / 2013
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Sunday 24th May : 6pm : £5

This affectionate film, directed by BAFTA winning director and keen cyclist Michael B. Clifford, tells the story of cycling in the land that invented the modern bicycle, its birth, decline and re-birth from Victorian origins to today. The film weaves bicycle design, sport and transport through the retelling of some iconic stories and features interviews with notable contributors including Sir Dave Brailsford, Chris Boardman, Sir Chris Hoy, Mike Burrows and many more, plus rare archive footage, animation and music. Bicycle is a humorous, lyrical and warm reflection on the bicycle and cycling, and its place in the British national psyche.
Channel Swimmer
Four hapless Speedo-wearing Channel Swimmers arrive at the water’s edge to find the tide is out, so kill time on Southend seafront.
Royal View Suite
Sunday 24th May : 6pm : £5
From nurturing our inner beasts in The Company of Wolves to seeking sinister succour from the Barkerian curiosities of Hellraiser and Rawhead Rex, Dr. Karen Oughton dissects the themes, films and fandom of 1980s British horror. This fully illustrated presentation will support the launch, by editor Darrell Buxton, of the compendium ‘Dead or Alive’, containing in-depth reviews of 80s British horror films. With The Doc’s previous shows described by ‘Brutal as Hell’ website as “fast-paced and informative”, expect analysis, magic and a slice of saucy cabaret style from the author, journalist, lecturer and veteran of titles including Nucleus Films’ Video Nasties: Draconian Days. You have been warned!
ABUSING PROTOCOLUK : 90m : 2015 : Certificate ‘TBC’Directed by Darren Kent and Luke C. Harper
The screening will be introduced by co-director/writer/actor Darren Kent
+ Perfect State
Directed by Tim MacKenzie-Smith / UK / 2014 / 21mins
Introduced by producer/director Tim Mackenzie-Smith and producer/lead actor Ryan Philpott
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Sunday 24th May : 8.30pm : £5
After the death of his brother, RJ moves in with a gang leader and quickly finds himself embroiled in a world of abuse and drugs. Meanwhile, a local businessman is watching the things he loves disappear in front of his very eyes. What happens when these two people, with nothing to lose, abuse protocol? Filmed locally, this has been a labour of love for its star, writer and co-director, multi-talented local actor Darren Kent who, while best known to the wider public for TV series’ such as Game of Thrones and Marshal’s Law, is always keen to return to his Essex roots. This gritty drama also boasts a superb performance from actor/producer Cass Pennant.
Great Britain, a few years from now. The government has sold out to VITACORP, a big corporation which now runs all public services. All State support for the poor has been stopped. Instead the Red Zone has been created. Citizens are forced to wear colour-coded wristbands. If yours turns red, you’re in trouble. If you can’t support yourself you are the property of VITACORP. The measure is popular with the public, at least those who can pay their way.Perfect State tells the story of Neil Hartman, a London City worker who falls foul of the system. He loses everything and is forced to flee as the privatised, televised forces of justice come to take him away.
LEVIATHANRussia : 140m : 2014 :Subtitles: Certificate ‘15’Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev
Royal View Suite
Sunday 24th May : 8.30pm : £5
On the outskirts of a small coastal town on the Barents Sea, where whales come into the bay, lives an ordinary family: Kolya, his wife Lilya and their teenage son Romka. But their idyllic lifestyle is threatened by the corrupt mayor, who wants to acquire their land, house and small auto repair shop for his own ends. To save their home and business Kolya contacts an old army friend in Moscow, now an authoritative attorney. Together they decide to fight back, gathering evidence of wrong-doing by the mayor. Superb photography and acting, a solid plot and dark humour make this celebrated Golden Globe winner a truly rewarding experience.
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Monday 25th May : 1pm : £5
THE LAUREL & HARDY LAUGHTER SHOW: STAN AT 125!This year we are celebrating 125 years since Stan Laurel’s birth, with ‘double doses’ of the thin half of the partnership. In Brats, he and Ollie play themselves and their own children, while in Another Nice Mess they double up as tramps and, very improbably, a lord of the manor (a very pompous and self-important Ollie) and, er, Agnes the maid (a suitably tetchy and embarrassed Stan!). And, in a hilarious solo film, Stan spoofs John Barrymore’s famous film, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as Dr. Pickle and Mr. Pryde!  These very funny comedies will be accompanied by some rare gems. So do join us for a laughter-filled show.Thanks to Roger Robinson, of Southend’s ‘Saps at Sea’ L&H group, for devising and presenting this show
SOLITARYUK : 90mins : 2015 : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Sasha Krane

We are delighted that the screening will be introduced by producer/actress Sarina Taylor and, subject to commitments, executive producer/composer Roger Taylor

Royal View Suite
Monday 25th May : 1pm : £5

Compelling and powerful, Solitary tells the story of party-girl Nora, who is forced to move back to her childhood home and her aging father. Soon, ghosts of the past begin to haunt her, until a secret she has buried for so long is finally revealed. This superb drama, shot entirely in Southsea and Portsmouth, stars award-winning actress Katharine McEwan (Clubhouse, Alien Armageddon), Kevin McGowan (EastEnders, Coronation Street), Anita Dobson (EastEnders, Casualty), newcomer Sarina Taylor – and boxing legend Joe Calzaghe as a prison officer. The terrific score is by Queen drummer Roger Taylor.
FOR THE LOVE OF MOD TOKYOUK : 49mins : 2015 : Certificate ‘PG’Directed by Emma-Rosa Dias

Subject to commitments, the screening will be introduced by director Emma-Rosa Dias
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Monday 25th May : 3.30pm : £5

This remarkable documentary explores how a Mod subculture has grown and diversified in the most contrasting of environments in Tokyo. Interviews with British Mods based in the city, Japanese Mod fashion enthusiasts, musicians, scooter gangs and many more, reveal the lengths the Japanese will go to in order to celebrate being a Mod, and how, for some, being a Mod has become a way of life.
Also screening: For the Love of Mod (2014), director Emma-Rosa Dias’ ground-breaking documentary  investigation into the fascinating Mod subculture in Northern Ireland, Glasgow and London.
IN BLOOMGeorgia/France/Germany :
102mins : 2013 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross
Royal View Suite
Monday 25th May : 3.30pm : £5
Tbilisi, Georgia, 1992: Civil war is raging in the province of Abkhazia. Two 14-year-olds, Natia and Eka, find their childhood coming to an end. Natia’s alcoholic father constantly terrorises her family, while Eka rebels against her mother and older sister. These two inseparable friends try to find peace outside their families as their days are filled with anxiety about what the future will hold. This thrilling, moving and engrossing drama, telling a story from one of the world’s most unrepresented countries, is independent World cinema at its boldest and finest, richly deserving of the many awards it has been given.
BLOOD AND CARPETUK : 74mins : 2015 : Certificate ‘18’Directed by Graham Fletcher-Cook
Introduced by director Graham Fletcher-Cook and lead actress Annie Burkin
+ Yoke Farm
Directed by Tim Keeling / UK / 2014 / 10mins
Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom
Monday 25th May : 6pm : £5
In the late 1960s there was no CCTV or crime scene DNA testing, but disposing of a dead body was still bloody murder! In this black comedy, set in east London, Ruby and Lyle have a problem. A dead body in the bathroom. Who it is, why it’s there and for what reason we do not know. We only know that their immediate issue is to dispose of it…and to prevent their visitors from discovering the evidence. A simple premise, undoubtedly, but life can be really awkward, and there’s so much that can go wrong. And it most likely will, in this darkly comic tale of deception, intrigue, hedonism – and suet pudding!
Yoke Farm
Henry runs a corner shop in a sleeping English town. And he begins to think that his new free range egg supplier may not be as ethical as he appears to be…
OF HORSES AND MENIceland/Germany/Norway :
81mins : 2013 : Subtitles : Certificate ‘15’Directed by Benedikt Erlingsson
Royal View Suite
Monday 25th May : 6pm : £5
Kolbeinn loves Solveig and Solveig loves Kolbeinn, but Kolbeinn is also  in love with his mare Grána, while Grána is obsessed with the stallion Brúnn! So it’s complicated! And spring is coming and the whole community is following the story. This cannot end well. Oh, and Vernhardur is in love with vodka, but the horse Jarpur loves Vernhardur, his master. A mate on a Russian trawler loves horses like Jarpur. This not going to end well. Grimur has a passion for ancient horse roads but Egill admires barbed wire fences. Grimur owns a horse and a pair of pincers and Egill owns a tractor. Then there is Johanna and Raudka, her mare – and there are others. This is definitely not going to end well!! This is terrific fun, set in breathtaking scenery!


Still Poster
Closing Gala: STILLPark Inn Palace Hotel / Monday 25th May / 8.30pm / £5
UK : 99mins : 2014 : Certificate ‘15’Tom Carver is a man stumbling blindly towards a crossroads in his life, thrown out of focus by the death of his teenage son a year earlier in a car accident. A talented photographer whose career has largely been unfulfilled, a chance and seemingly unimportant confrontation brings his life and responsibilities to the fore. A battle of wills between Tom and the gang of kids develops and, what appear to be, on the surface, trivial and childish altercations begin to take on a considerably more sinister hue.This powerful first feature from director Simon Blake grips from the start and produces powerhouse performances from its entire cast, with Aiden Gillen (TV’s Game of Thrones) outstanding as Tom.We are delighted that writer/director Simon Blake will join us to introduce the screening and take part in a Q&A afterwards.Screening courtesy of Blunt StuffALSO SHOWING: UNTIL NOWA bitter-sweet comedy about an elderly man who has to look after his wife, when she is temporarily bedbound, and begins to struggle with the domestic chores.Writer/director Phil Reynolds will introduce this screeningAND: KINGDOMFALL

Promotional film for a drama set in the year 2080. Kingdomfall is the story of Britain, 30 years after an apocalyptic solar flare has disabled all of earth’s electricity grids and devices. Cast back into the dark of medieval times the descendants of the current Royal Family have tried to restore the country back to unity and peace, but others have risen from the chaos to form their own fiefdoms. The last hope of a return to the old now lies with the newly crowned Queen of England, Æthelflæd, but her life is already in danger after being captured by her most fearsome enemy. All hope appear to be lost, but for her trusted protector knight, sworn to defend her and the royal line to the death. And he is coming!

The screening will be introduced by director James Hills and composer/ actor Oliver Bagnall

PLUS: A screening of the winning entry in the London Southend Airport Film Competition

Park Inn by Radisson Palace Hotel Southend-on-Sea has kindly sponsored our Closing Gala.

TICKETS FOR Southend on Sea Film Festival 2015:

All tickets are £5 (no concessions) unless specified otherwise.
Tickets for the Opening Gala at the Odeon and the Closing Gala and other screenings at the Park Inn Palace Hotel
can be obtained on-line at the eShop at www.visitsouthend.co.uk, by telephone on 01702 618747 or in person from the
Visitor Information Centre at Southend Pier (Western Esplanade, SS1 1EE).
Tickets for the Opening Gala are not available from the Odeon.
Ticket information for other venues is shown under each film or event.
Tickets will be available on the day at all venues except the Odeon (Opening Gala).

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Southend on Sea Film Festival 2015 Programme

Thu 21 May 2015


Ends: Mon 25 May 8:00PM

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