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The Tap Dancing Mermaid @ PALACE THEATRE

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It’s time for the moon to tell his tale. It is Moon’s job to light the long dark nights on Earth and to conduct the Earth’s orchestra of seas, plants and animals. As a reward for this eternal work, Moon receives 1 wish as a thank you from the universe every 1000 turns around the Earth he travels. He also brightens up his endless nights by watching a young tap dancer called Marina Skippett…

Marina creeps out of her house at night to tap dance on the boardwalk with the sounds of the sea as her metronome. She can’t tap dance at home anymore since her evil Aunty (a formidable, moustached puppet made from a rather lurid lampshade!) banned it, threatening to feed Marina’s dinners to the dog.

Marina talks to the moon because she can’t talk to her Aunty but she doesn’t know that he is listening to every word. One magical night, Marina discovers a young merman, Leo (puppet), swimming in the sea – he has travelled for weeks to see what that amazing tapping sound is. Marina and Leo become great friends.

Until her Aunty discovers her secret night-time excursions and locks her in her wardrobe never to be free again. Moon must help her escape. He enlists the help of a friendly and loveable seagull (puppet) who swoops in and hilariously steals the Aunty’s hair! Marina escapes and runs down to the sea, chased by her enraged, bald Aunty. Leo saves her, pulls her into the water and transforms her into a mermaid to be safe from her Aunty forever.

Life is magical under the sea but Marina is miserable – she will not be able to tap dance ever again. Moon can’t bear Marina’s sadness and uses his next wish to enable her to walk on land every time he is full in the sky. The story ends happily with Marina tapping away one night a month, Moon smiling down at her.


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The Tap Dancing Mermaid @ PALACE THEATRE

Sat 22 April 2017


Ends: Sat 22 April 3:00PM


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